What Does an Internet Marketing Mentor actually do for you?

What Does an Internet Marketing Mentor actually do for you?

Well, that is a complex question to answer. But a few pointers will help you to look for good qualities that can help you.

You need someone that has the broad and fast-moving knowledge to be bang up to date. Whatever they will advise or recommend needs to be on top of the game. Not necessarily new and fangled unproven ideas but accounting for changes that are occurring online all the time.

A mentor needs to, not overstep the mark and go outside their area of expertise. I have seen a question and answer panel of experts in 5 interrelated areas and when listening to their answers I understand why five of them hardly answered each other’s questions. There was a clear demarcation between their skill sets and yet all were internet marketing experts and earning amazing incomes from each of their areas.

I have been following many many different mentors and loving every moment of their advice, always amazed at how much  I could learn every day that seemed unique, bang on up to date and exciting.

The way a mentor explains things and relates examples can help so much. You can’t grasp a concept that can be complex at first, but that can be made simple given the right explanation. And when there are so many areas to cover, you need someone that will keep your interest and maintain your concentration. The training sessions and advisory communications can be lengthy. You have to invest time, so something well thought out and interesting will help you get through it right to the end. Any success will come out of sticking the course.

Then there is the mentors reliability to deliver what they say they will. Consistency and regularity is what you need to keep progressing. Breaks tend to mean other distractions and then a lack in your consistency.

Methods of support , whether it be on question and answer sessions or via email support or regular communications that inspire you. But you will need to be able to ask the questions and get through to get the answers.

I am going through a process of reviewing the the mentors I really feel offer these qualities. It strikes me there are reviews, claims and promises. I have invested a lot of time, expense and energy following many mentors. I’m happy to share my reviews as I work back through those engagements so that others can at least hear why these mentors made the mark for me. You become interested with mentors by may routes as you follow your interests. There is some very persuasive and powerful copywriting that can work its magic on you that promote those mentors. But to hear some independent viewpoint and review can help. At least it may help you understand what to expect. That is half the battle to help you pace your way through to find your ideal lifestyle!

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